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Across the vast blackness, there was and is a powerful universe full of Diamond Dragons. They follow a code of oneness with the dark expanse beyond their universe, known as ‘The Map’. To Dragons, this was such because at the beginning, the Wise Ones took off into the darkness to chart ‘The Map’. It is said by following the Wise One’s chart, Diamond Dragons can find their one and only treasure and bring their own light into the universe. It was a journey every dragon took at some point in their story and they only returned once they found their true identity.

The Wise One that brought the charted Map to the dragons, returned with ‘Understanding’ no other could match. He was the only Wise One to return, but the chart he brought with him was the collective work of all twelve Wise Ones that left in search of their treasures. With a wisdom that surpassed time, ‘Understanding’ being his treasure, the returned Wise One made a prophesy:

A Blue Dragon’s treasure will destroy all blackness. This treasure will change the code of oneness and the chart of the universe will be burnt into time itself, naught to be read again by the Diamond Dragons, but instead to be illuminated by life.

The Wise One then forewarned the Diamond Dragons that this would mean the end of their world, their home, and their universe’s black core. Their code of oneness would dissolve. Their existence would be threatened.

This prophesy would begin its course towards fulfillment when he and all eleven of the other Wise Ones returned to witness the black core’s destruction. The Wise One is said to have then imprinted the charted Map into the mountain’s bare stone cap with his legendary stone-welding techniques before soaring into the black expanse, like a comet fading into the distance.


Floating mountains creaked and swayed in the season’s breeze. All of the reflective clouds that provided shelter for the dragons glimmered in their firelight. Scales shimmered here and there as dragons routinely flew to their nesting spots, but there was an unspoken intensity to the air that you could practically taste. It was by far thicker than the clouds that hid the black core to their universe.

Blu’dowen’s old bones were chained against his nest. The Wise Ones had left before his time and all twelve had yet to return. Without their upmost guidance, the Diamond Dragons had gradually turned Red primary in color. No one could remember what color they were before Red. Blu’dowen, however, was named such because his scales tinted blue… they always had, unlike any diamond dragon before him.

What with the prophesy that a blue diamond dragon would be the one to find a treasure that would destroy ‘The Map’, their home and the black core, and the fact that his destiny was practically set out before him, you would think that he would of ended up born in his current position. As a youngster, he had even attempted to change his color, but no matter how desperately he tried, Blu he was destined to be.

He sighed and spat out a stream of smoke, causing the long pearly white hairs under his nostrils to wave out in front of him. He now watched life through a small cave opening, as the world he lived in glowed hotter, deeper, and darker. Stress, grief, and wariness had corrupted them all.

“I should just close my eyes for indefinitely,” he muttered to himself, “My life always has been cursed.” Blu’dowen shook his wings and dimmed the blue glow coming from inside his belly. He closed his eyes and drifted out into the blackness of his dreams. It was the only place he felt at peace.

Who knows how long Blu slept? There was no sense of time.

Blackness is to breathe in rhythm. It’s like closing your eyes to anything outside your self and hearing the pulsing waves of serenity. Blu’s wings were unfurled in their once splendorous glory, sailing along in the dark like a lost seaman, dipping his wings into universe after universe, trickling them into a subtle symphony of color. Magentas, golden sparkles, deep rich violets. But, Blue was his favorite song to play. There was something calm but exciting about painting a dark navy or a rich azure across an already dark canvas of space.

Flash of green —- what?

Blu’s calm dance among the blackness was at once pushed into a different key. A new and unfamiliar step towards discovery. It intrigued him. Green rippled across the blackness again, calling him. What a color! He’d never noticed how it shimmered and flowed. It felt like soft spring grass when he reached out to touch it with a wing, immediately filling him with its glory. As he glanced down at himself, he was pulsating with a rich blend of blue and green.

Suddenly, something was pulling Blu away from the amazing and magnetic green color. It drained out of him reluctantly, almost painfully. He couldn’t let it go! At the last moment his wing tip slipped out of Green’s grasp and everything dropped into black.

NOISE. That was the first thing that snapped Blu wide awake. But, haven’t I been awake? He thought. He uncurled his wings and looked down at his core. Is that a green glow fading? Blu’dowen didn’t have time to study, for his neck was harshly wrenched the opposite direction and his temple was smashed into the stone mountain wall.

“Ouch,” he said sarcastically, even though it did knock the wind out of him.

“Silence Blu’dowen.” A deep maroon-scaled diamond dragon clutched the chain around Blu’s neck and yanked it to the ground, stomping on it with his other claw. "You are to be brought forth to the Wise One. He has finally returned.”

Blu blinked for a moment, but merely smirked in response. He didn’t care. He hadn’t been waiting for this. He didn’t know what exactly he was waiting for. He already knew his purpose, he knew he was cursed, he knew he had a prophesy to fulfill. What more could the Wise One tell him? All he really wanted to do was close his eyes again and drift off into the ocean of blackness. Maybe ‘Green’ was still there, waiting for him to play with it.

Blu’s neck was wrenched back again and he was led to the ledge. Nothing but clouds below him, he was then forced to open his wings or fall. The maroon dragon leading him was a practiced mature flyer. He made it difficult for an old dragon like Blu, who had been locked away for only the Wise One knows how long. Blu hadn’t opened his wings to their full expanse, let alone carry his own weight, since he was first chained to that wretched cave wall so long ago. Maybe he’d ask the Wise One to tell him his age, since he really didn’t have any concept of how long he’d been alive, now.

It was then Blu’dowen realized he was actually excited to meet one of the twelve Wise Ones, but that excitement was quickly stifled by the increasing glow of the dragons flying around him. As they flew higher, the clouds that encased his nesting location began to clear but it was replaced with a large expanse of red. Blu rose and fell like a tiny blue ship on a giant red shaded sea of dragons flying through the floating mountains.

Blu’dowen grew nervous upon noticing his blue glow stand out like a beacon in the dragon’s universe. There were thousands of dragons, hundreds more than when he was once free. No wonder the maroon-dragon leading him had a new face he’d never seen before. He was young.

The floating mountains tightened together, drifting into each other’s space like icebergs pushed by the current. The wind lofted them up a misting waterfall towards the lichen covered rocks of the original location of ‘The Map’.

Blu knew exactly where he was going without having to be leashed. When he was defiled all those years ago, this was where they humiliated him. It was mutiny. He used to be a God among the dragons. Yet, they grew fearful. They mistrusted him. He betrayed them. And life imprisonment was his punishment.

If he died, he would at least be out of this wretched hell hole.

But, in the core of Blu’dowen, he couldn’t stop wanting more Green. He didn’t want to give that up. Ever.

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