Since 2009, I have utilized my Graphic Design degree by collaborating with small business clients to create clean, simple branding. During the FREE consultation, we will brainstorm your package needs and inspiration.


  • FREE 1/hr consultation to discuss brand/logo ideas and development

  • $1,000 for web design layout; ($500 retainer) $30/hr for updates/maintenance

  • Client access as administrator on Wix

Other Options:

  • Logo

  • Business Card

  • Posters/Fliers

  • Packaging

Inspired by organization projects I've successfully managed in the past, I am furthering my education at New York Institute of Art & Design with a focus in Interior Design. The class covers design trends and history, furniture styles and fabrics, and color theory and lighting.  Through a series of mentored projects, I am developing skills to make functional living and working spaces. My study will lay a foundation to better work with clients, from pricing and contracts to purchasing and scheduling.


  • What do you typically do when you first open the door to your space?

  • What's your style? Vintage? Bohemian? Chic? Artsy? Casual? Tomboy? Sophisticated? (If you're not sure, what styles do you NOT like?)

  • What are your hobbies?

  • What do you spend the most time doing at home?

  • What housework do you talk yourself out of doing because you're tired or overwhelmed?



  • When you look at a personal belonging, what does it mean to you? (How does it make you feel? Does it bring up a memory?)

  • What personal belongings do you use on a daily basis?

  • What is your family's contribution to the household?

  • What are your pet's habits, comfortability, and needs?



  • How often do you clean the baseboards? (Or sweep the ceilings, eh? Be honest, now..)

  • How often do you use your kitchen?

  • Do you enjoy cooking for yourself and/or your family?

  • What kind of meals do you enjoy?

  • What kitchen appliances do/don't you use the most?

  • Do you have a place for your cleaning supplies/chemicals?

  • What kind of item(s) do you use to wash/dry your dishes?

  • What's in your refrigerator/freezer right now?

  • When was the last time you cleaned your fridge?



  • In general, how much time do you spend outdoors?

  • What are a few favorite memories you have had outdoors?

  • Do you own a motor vehicle?

  • Do you have a one or two car garage? If so, what is currently in the garage?

  • Do you own a bicycle, a lawnmower, a pool, a grill, outdoor furniture, etc.?

  • How many tools do you own?



  • Do you feel welcomed when you walk into your living room?

  • How often do you watch shows or movies?

  • Are you relaxed when you walk into your bedroom?

  • How comfortable is your bed?

  • Where is your clean/dirty laundry?

  • Where do you put your clothes? Shoes? Jackets? Belts?

  • What is in storage?



1) Things always take longer than you think they do.  A three day project can easily turn into five.  Or seven.

2) Put things back where you find them!  Making categorical piles helps minimize the junk. Have a library of books, a trunk to store games, a filing cabinet, or containers for crafty stuff.

3) The minimizing process can be done together!  Going through these piles and making selections of what to get rid of, find new homes for and being clear about current projects not only helps you FIND things, but be organized when you return to objects for use.

4) Honestly taking the time to THINK about your thought process when you want to put something down can help immensely in keeping your daily life organized.  Start with one small square and move from there.

5) Consistency is key!  In order for the foundation to set, value your belongings and don't bring home what you don't value.  Keep current projects in their spots so as not to misplace anything important.  I am avaialble for followup visits to support you with your organizational and lifestyle goals!